A lot of events took place at the Kharkiv airport in 2017: presidents, famous football players, travelers from Europe and businessmen from other Ukrainian cities visited us. Rare planes and huge Boeings were landing here. We have something to remember, and we remember.

In 2016 Kharkiv airport was listed as the best European airport, according to the International Council of Airports ACI EUROPE.

Most Passengers
In July, the airport set a record for all the years of Ukrainian independence in the number of passengers. 87,206 people used Air Services this month. The total passenger flow for the year was 806 thousand people, which is 35% more than in 2016. Top destinations were Istanbul, Kyiv, Antalya, Sharm El Sheikh, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Minsk. By the way the number of flights to Warsaw and Tel Aviv has increased: from seven to nine, and from three to four a week.

Fly not only people
In 2017, the airport set another record. In November, we transported 31.3 tons of cargo, and for the year 230 tons. And this is more than it was ever in twenty-six years. Although this record we intend to beat because the airport operates a cargo terminal with an area of 1 100 square meters and ability to handle loads reaches 10 tons per hour. Besides, we can transport non-standard goods. Fish, cats, medicines — what we did in the outgoing year. Several dogs and cats flew to New York with our help, and exotic fish — to Turkey.

Presidential visits
By looking at the number of visits, Kharkov became the favorite city of the Ukrainian president  Petro Poroshenko. On average, he landed at Kharkov airport once or twice a month. Last time it was this year on December 27th for the exchange of prisoners. Before that — to meet with Polish President Ange Duda. The president usually arrives on An-148 with the onboard number of UR-UKR, less often on An-74 and A319.

Famous aircrafts
Visits of world football clubs became for Kharkov a big event. In September, the football team Napoli flew here for the match with Shakhtar, Feyenoord in November, and Manchester City in December. The British arrived by a special charter flight, Boeing 757 Titan Airways. It is slightly larger than those that we used to take at our airport.

Meeting point
In addition to sending and accepting flights, Kharkiv airport hosted cultural, business and sports events. During the forum AGROPORT in our terminals were enclosed contracts, during the UKR DANCE CUP – dancers danced the waltz, during the Kharkiv Airport Run — athletes ran along the runway. We also hosted BMW Days Ukraine and were the first to see a new BMW car of the fifth series.

In total, all this made 2017 the most successful year for our airport in recent years. The next one promises to be no worse. We will try to improve the service, expand the map of flights and accept even more distinguished guests.