On November 4 and 5 the third international ballroom dance competition «Ukr Dance Cup 2017» took place in the territory of the airport «Kharkiv». It has become the largest dance competition in Ukraine in the last several years, and by the level of contestants and the level of preparation can compete with the best international events of this format.

2200 dancers from Great Britain, Georgia, Israel, USA, China, Russia, Poland and different regions of Ukraine took part in the competition. The youngest participants barely turned five, and the contestants of the «seniors» category — more than fifty. On the dance floor worked international judges.

A modern dancehall was built on the spacious territory of the terminal «C» of the International Airport «Kharkiv». There were two large dance floors, spacious tribunes, locker rooms for competitors, and entertainment zones. Those who wished, could book tables right by the dance floor, go shopping, eat in the restaurant, or relax in the lounge area. The competition was provided with high-quality sound and spectacular lighting, dozens of spotlights was installed especially for this event. There was free parking on the territory of the airport during the event.

The competitors noted the high level of organization. Natalia Volkova, the coach of the team from Mirnograd, Donetsk region said: «Very good, large-scale competition. Many thanks to those who were involved in the organization, everything was thought out — design, entertainment for young children, warm rooms».

Roman Sokovikov, the coach of the dance club «Elite», said that thanks to the correct policy of the tournament, couples from other countries are not afraid to come to Kharkov. «The organization is at a high level, there are good dressing rooms, lots of space, gorgeous lights, music, professional judging,» he commented.

The judges of the competition praised the level of participants, the winners were awarded medals and diplomas.

International ballroom dance competition «Ukr Dance Cup 2017» has become the largest dance competition in Ukraine in the last several years.