An international forum AGROPORT ( on family farm corporations development will be held from 16 to 18 October 2014 in Terminal C of International airport “Kharkiv”. The biggest industry event of Eastern Ukraine is organized by the United Nations as part of the announced year of family farm corporations. The participants are the UN and FAO (Food and agricultural organisation) representatives, Ukrainian officials of specialized institutions, investment companies, financial structures, raw-material and equipment suppliers for agricultural sector, farm corporations.
This is the first time when the agricultural event is held on the airport territory. Such choice is significant because in due time exactly International airport “Kharkiv” — the first private air-terminal complex in Ukraine, built at the cost of Alexandr Yaroslavsky’s investments to Euro-2012 — became one of the growth accelerators of region business activity and investment attractiveness.
Organizers are sure that Kharkiv airport has all necessary infrustructure for realization of the forum ambitious targets. Moreover such event location allows us effectively realize the logistics of AGROPORT foreign participants.
“It is a significant event not only for Kharkiv and whole Slobojanshchina, but also for Ukraine. We realize how important agriculture is for domestic economy, particularly in terms of Euro integrational process and future market opening of the Old World for Ukrainian agricultural production. And for us it is a great honor to hold such a meaningful and authoritative forum on our territory”, — CEO of International airport “Kharkiv” Vladimir Vasilchenko notices.
During the international forum Agroport the following events will be held: an exhibition of equipment for farm corporations, a conference on crop farming, a conference on animal and poultry farming, a conference on organic products production, a conference on IT technologies and marketing for farmery and also III Eastern Ukrainian agroforum. Also an individual attention will be paid to logistics of agricultural products and use of general aviation in agriculture, this topic will be raised at AGRO-AVIA conference.
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The organizer of the forum is a consulting company AviaBrand (, set up to develop aviation business in Ukraine and CIS countries.