The first charter flight Kharkiv – Maribor, organized by the tour operator HKS-Group launches on December 30, 2016. The international airport “Kharkiv” is pleased to provide you with an opportunity to spend the New Year holidays in Slovenia.

The direct flight to Maribor serviced by BRAVO Airways will need only a couple of hours to take you to the perfect nature with unique geographic features, country of mixed cultures, diverse architecture and preserved folk customs.

Slovenia is especially popular among fans of active pastime, because in addition to the incomparable charm of the European winter, the country has the best ski resorts. Perfectly prepared tracks of any level of complexity, modern infrastructure, comfortable hotels – it is a true alpine paradise for skiing enthusiasts.

The geographical diversity of this country creates excellent conditions for rehabilitation and relaxation provided by natural hot springs, modern techniques and medical professionalism. Slovenia is a journey into the world of thermal resorts.


By being territorially close to Italy and Austria, Slovenia is the starting point of your trip to the shopping world. But Slovenia itself is full of entertainment starting from active sports and casinos and finishing with museums, cave kingdoms and architectural works of art!

If you want perfect service – welcome to Slovenia: warm and cozy, with endless opportunities for outdoor activities or lazy inactivity. Slovenia is a perfect holiday for all!

Tour operator HKS-Group presents a real winter wonderland and is ready to become your guide to the heart of Europe by taking care of your flight. And the International Airport “Kharkiv” will make the flight as comfortable and easy as it gets.

As already mentioned, the first flight departs from Kharkiv on December 30, which means that you can spend this New Year with a cup of hot coffee and a view of the mountains. There are also flights scheduled for January 5, 14 and 21 of 2017. See the cost and all the details of the flight here.