As the construction manager Alexey Sivalnev (“New Systems AM” company, which is part of the DCH group, owned by Alexander Yaroslavskiy, the general investor and coordinator of Kharkiv preparation for Euro 2012) told, about 80% of the total planned volume of work will be done until June 6 of the current year. Installation of ceiling and laying of tiles will be completed in three months’ time, with the expectation that the object would be ready for commissioning by Kharkiv City Day (August 23).

During this period it is necessary to lay more than 8 thousand square meters of floor tiles. Namely, 6 thousand square meters of tile are necessary for floors in representative areas and about 2 thousand square meters – for floors in technical areas (bathrooms, hallways, etc.). In addition, the lease areas (office and retail space) will be laid with linoleum and other floor coverings. In the luggage sector there has already been completed the installation of herkulit floors. Ceilings of Russian and Ukrainian production will also be installed within the terms mentioned.

As it was previously reported, Alexander Yaroslavskiy is the coordinator of the reconstruction project of International Airport ‘Kharkiv’. At his cost the new terminal is being built, the existing one is being reconstructed, during the Euro 2012 matches there will be built a temporary terminal, and at this point the territory around the airport has been improved (the square has been reconstructed, the street leading to the terminal buildings has been renovated, 12 houses have been painted). Also, the businessman is a supervisor of reconstruction of the airdrome complex, source of funding for which is the state budget. The total investment volume of the DCH group in the reconstruction of the airport is $ 80.6 million, and the expected volume of budget financing is $ 92.8 million.

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International Airport ‘Kharkiv’ ( is one of the most important objects of the capital of Sloboda Ukraine, which are currently being reconstructed as part of preparation for the final matches of the European Football Championship in 2012. The start to this large-scale project was given on 1 April 2008, when the company “New Systems AM” (Group DCH, the president – a well-known Ukrainian businessman, the general investor and coordinator of Kharkiv preparation for Euro 2012 Alexander Yaroslavskiy) won the contest for rental of an integral property complex of Kharkiv airport.

The reconstruction project includes the construction of the new terminal, reconstruction of the existing one, construction of a new runway and apron repair, improvement of the airport landside. Technological scheme of passenger service has been developed by a famous German company Airport Research Centre. After the reconstruction at service of Kharkiv citizens as well as the guests of the ‘first capital’ there will be a modern international airport,способный принимать различные воздушные суда вплоть до самолетов типа Airbus A-320 и Boeing B-737. capable of receiving various aircraft including such aircraft types as Airbus A-320 and Boeing B-737.Новый терминал общей площадью более 20 тыс. кв. The new terminal with a total area of more than 20 thousand square metersм позволит к 2011 году увеличить обслуживание пассажиропотока до 650 тыс. человек . will allow increasing the passenger traffic service to 650 thousand people by 2011.Планируется также реконструкция гостиницы аэропорта и создание современного паркинга закрытого типа. It is also planned to reconstruct International Airport ‘Kharkiv’ hotel and create a modern parking lot.Кроме того, согласно требованиям УЕФА , будут сооружены офисные помещения, комнаты ожидания для водителей, места приветствия и пр. Проект подразумевает обеспечение разделения прибывающих болельщиков, если такая необходимость возникнет. Moreover, according to UEFA requirements, there will be constructed offices, waiting rooms for drivers, places of welcome, etc. The project involves provision of separation of the arriving fans, in case of such need.