Do you want to find out how the airport functions, baggage goes from baggage check-in counter to the baggage section, how airplanes are maintained while awaiting passengers, see where aircrafts are repaired and what technical equipment is used for ensuring work of the main air gates of the region?

Airport “Kharkiv” gives group tours, which include visiting new terminal A, VIP-terminal, airport ramp, where you can see close by airplane maintenance, taxiing, taking-off and landing. You will also visit a shed, where airplanes are repaired.

Tours around the airport “Kharkiv” can be organized for groups of 10 – 30 people. Tour for one person costs 50 hryvnias.

Please note that since the tour provides for visiting restricted areas of the airport “Kharkiv”, members of the group will have to go through aviation safety control. It is not allowed to bring piercing and cutting objects as well as highly inflammable substances and liquids in volume more than 100 ml. to the restricted area. You can get more information on this topic in the section “Safety control”.

To book a tour and get more information, call

Tours can be organized for groups of 10 – 30 people