DCH company commented on the increase of the cost of the reconstruction of project “International Airport “Kharkiv”.

The commentary of the company, transmitted by IA “MOST-Kharkiv”, states that the increase occurred for several reasons. In particular, the reconfiguration of the system taxiways (RD Trunk added), the adjustment included a new index of inflation, the cost of many construction works have increased compared to last year.

“That is, the increase was due to the inclusion in the new estimate of the estimated coefficients. It is important to understand that these are planned numbers, which in fact will be further adjusted. The actual cost of work on the airfield will be comparable to other airports,” – said in the DCH press service.

The cost of reconstruction of the International airport “Kharkiv” consists of two components: the investment of the private investor Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy (DCH group president, the general investor and coordinator of Kharkiv preparation to Evro-2012) and funding from the state budget. The airport complex reconstruction, construction of a new terminal, reconstruction of existing one, creating of a temporary terminal, reconstruction of the station square, a number of other works are being financed by Yaroslavskyy. The airfield (as well as airfields in all other Ukrainian airports – it is a strategic object, which is state property, and, therefore, is reconstructed through budget funding) is being financed from the state budget.

Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy`s total investment (airport complex, station square) – 508.8 mln. Total public investment (financing from the state budget in the reconstruction of the airfield complex) – 1086.53 mln. Total investments – 1595.53 mln.

According to new title, accepted by Cabinet of Ministers on July 21, the cost of reconstruction of the airport is UAH 1086.53 mln. (including construction and installation works – 759.5 million, equipment – 81.6 million, others – 245.4 million).

IA “MOST-Kharkiv”, Kharkiv